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Call for a Quote on Selling Your Junk Car

Simply give us a call for a quote on selling your junk car. We need a small amount of information to provide you with an accurate quote. We will carefully inspect your vehicle to determine its value, but really only need the following information for a quote:

  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle description, such as the car make and model
  • Vehicle condition

We Pay Quick Cash for Junk Cars in Indianapolis

If you have a junk car, Buy Junk Cars Indianapolis Buy Junk Cars Indianapolis is the place to go. We will respond quickly to your call and take your unwanted car off your hands in no time. We can also hand you cash on the spot so you can get rid of the eyesore in your driveway.

What Do We Accept?

Whatever unwanted vehicle you may have, we want it! We will pay top dollar for all vehicles, including the following:

  • All types of vehicles, including all makes and models
  • Both domestic and foreign vehicles
  • Vehicles in all conditions, running or not

Don’t Settle for Less

Why bother with other junk car buyers when we pay more for unwanted vehicles? With Buy Junk Cars Indianapolis, you can walk away with more money at the end of the day. Request a free quote today to see what we will pay for your unwanted car or truck, with absolutely no obligation to sell.

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